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2017 Gold Coast Congress - Holiday Pairs
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Holiday Walk-in Pairs Event 1 Results Round 1.

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14John BRADY - Beverley BRADY36962.121.28
28Beverley WELCH - Jeanne ADAMS35058.920.98
39Bernard YATES - Nick HULLAH34658.250.98
412Sue WITHAM - Michael WITHAM33255.890.75
511Allan JOHNSON - Pamela ROBERTS29750.000.38
66Cathy HOCKING - Philip HOCKING29549.660.30
610Pam RUPPIN - Diane ELIOTT29549.660.30
83Thea CATSOULIS - Ann SLADE28147.310.15
92Margaret KEATING - Rita GROOM26945.29
97Norma CAMERON - Denise RICHARDS26945.29
111Jann NEWMAN - Betty SHARP24641.41
125Robert BERRY - Brian STRINGER21536.20
111Evol CRESSWELL - Margaret DARKE33957.070.90
24Christine LEIVERS - Tom LYONS32154.040.68
37Christine YOUNG - Dianne BRINKWORTH32053.870.60
46Jane LAWSON - Vona HADFIELD31653.200.60
59Marylou SHAW - Michelle JAMES30952.020.53
612Michael CONGREVE - Merle GOLTZ30451.180.45
78Andrea PAPPAS - Speros PAPPAS30150.670.38
83Bruce GOUGH - Joan ANDERSON29249.160.30
92Mary DONELEY - Jennie TUCKER28948.650.23
1010Heather PEATTIE - James WARD28748.320.23
111Desley HANRAHAN - Lyn VARY27045.45
125Elizabeth BECHTOLD - Margaret LIVERSAGE21636.36